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The TooFatLardies Oddcast

Oct 2, 2021

The gang get together to discuss what they have been up to and to look at forthcoming events as their calendar suddenly bursts back into life.  What will they look forward to as the show circuit grinds back into gear?

Jul 31, 2021

The gang assemble to discover that Rich has more in common with Chairman Mao than you might have thought and to field a whole range of questions from Sidney's ridiculously oversized sack.    

Jun 20, 2021

The lads join up to discuss their emergence from lockdown, to consider planning when it comes to new projects and the launch their new game show.  

May 8, 2021

The gang get together to remember a great friend and to discuss the big issue of the day.    

Apr 14, 2021

The terrible trio meet up to discuss escape from Stalag lockdown, discuss their current project and to mull over the issue of storing their collections.