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The TooFatLardies Oddcast

The TooFatLardies Oddcast.  Talking an eclectic mix of wargaming, modelling and total rubbish

Feb 19, 2021

Dave and Rich discuss the nuts and bolts of firing, moving and close combat in this continuing investigation of 'O' Group WWII Rules.

Feb 13, 2021

Sid, Nick and Rich get together to discuss all the latest news from Lard Island.  After a recent rule review, Sidney is prompted to ask the big question; "What is a serious wargaming"?  Tune in to find out their conclusions.

Feb 10, 2021

Dave and Rich continue with their discussion and here cover the command and control mechanisms within the rules

Feb 7, 2021

Dave Brown talks to Big Rich in another discussion about the mechanisms in 'O'Group, here focussing on deployment of forces.  Watch out for our Lard TV accompanying programme which serves as a companion to this issue.

Feb 4, 2021

In Part One of their discussion about 'O'Group, game designer Dave Brown meets with Rich to discuss the rules and the basic foundations for the game such as figure scale, ground scale, forces required and his design objectives.