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The TooFatLardies Oddcast

Feb 14, 2020

Sid, Nick and Rich meet to discuss all in then world of Lard with reports from Crusade, a chat with housewife's favourite Dave Brown about his forthcoming WWII rules, 'O' Group, and a discussion about gaming battles with inevitable results.   

Dec 24, 2019

The final window in the Lardies Advent Calendar is the biggest and best, with a full Festive Oddcast.  Join the lads as they talk you into Christmas. 

Dec 23, 2019

They're back with just one more window before Christmas.  Join the Lardies as they assemble around the Christmas Tree.

Dec 22, 2019

With just three days to go, the Lardies open the latest window in their festive advent calendar

Dec 21, 2019

The Advent Calendar continues with another visit to Lard Island.